Variations on Autumn Leaves (2023)

For piano, viola, electric bass, and trumpet (in various combinations).


Sonata in E Flat (2023)

For solo piano.



For clarinet, percussion, piano, and voice.


core (2023)

Multimedia work for improviser and screen.


Starsickness (2022)

Created using FM synthesis in Max/MSP and assembled in Reaper.


Nocturnes (2022)

For soprano, mezzo-soprano, violin, cello, celesta, and piano.


Snow (2022)

For wind ensemble.


pillars (2021)

For piano and four french horns.


I heard you were moving (2021)

For mixed ensemble. Created as a collaboration between Luc Faris, Anthony D'Agostino, Thomas Gauthier-Lang, and Jon Ziffle, as part of the 2021 Montreal Contemporary Music Lab.


l'appel du vide (2021)

For solo trumpet.


Moonrise (2018)

For SSA choir with piano accompaniment.