Signal Beam (2024)

For solo piano (with voice).


drop river sea (2024)

For SATB choir.


Demiurge (2023)

For solo piano.


Variations on Autumn Leaves (2023)

For piano, viola, electric bass, and trumpet (in various combinations).


Sonata in E Flat (2023)

For solo piano.



For clarinet, percussion, piano, and voice.


core (2023)

Multimedia work for improviser and screen.


Starsickness (2022)

Created using FM synthesis in Max/MSP and assembled in Reaper.


Nocturnes (2022)

For soprano, mezzo-soprano, violin, cello, celesta, and piano.


Snow (2022)

For wind ensemble.


pillars (2021)

For piano and four french horns.


I heard you were moving (2021)

For mixed ensemble. Created as a collaboration between Luc Faris, Anthony D'Agostino, Thomas Gauthier-Lang, and Jon Ziffle, as part of the 2021 Montreal Contemporary Music Lab.


l'appel du vide (2021)

For solo trumpet.


Moonrise (2018)

For SSA choir with piano accompaniment.